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As a globally experienced industrial engineer, specializing in process engineering, application analysis, and system integration, I had a key role in the start-up of four international manufacturing plants from site analysis through full operation. I achieved numerous efficiency improvements through workflow process management. I created various web-based documentation and database-interface applications that are used worldwide.







·          Industrial Engineering:

14 years experience, including global manufacturing engineering.

·          Project Management:

14 years experience, including team management and budgeting.

·          Database Systems:

12 years experience, including system architecture and design.

·          Application Analysis:

10 years experience, including process engineering.

·          Analytical Skills:

Ability to find and solve root causes of problems fast and effectively.

·          Networking Skills:

Global and cross-organization networking and knowledge sharing.

·          Communication Skills:

Fluent in English, Dutch and German; basic Spanish and French.


·          Information Technology Skills:


o      general:

Architecture, user process translation & re-engineering, application integration, fast proof-of-concept development & prototyping, portals.


o      internet / intranet:

Web site and portal development, web-based application integration, through packages and hand-coding, CGI programming, platform & browser compatibility, graphics (Adobe, etc.), markup and scripting languages, database connectivity, remote collaboration and control, streaming multimedia, JavaScript and basic DHTML, ASP.NET, PHP/MySQL.


o      UNIX / Linux:

UNIX/Linux systems & applications at enhanced user level, automation by advanced Korn Shell-scripting, Bash, AT&T UNIX & SunOS/Solaris.


o      PC / Windows:

Windows systems & applications at junior administrator level, including

Win95, Win98, and WinNT, Win2000, WinXP OS, set-up, maintenance,

Microsoft Office Professional (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access), Microsoft SQL Server 2000, Microsoft Exchange Server 2000, Outlook,

Paradox DBMS & QuattroPro Spreadsheet integration, Publisher, some Visual Basic.


o      database integration:

SQL, Oracle 8i/9i, incl. stored procedures, Microsoft SQL Server 2000, MySQL, proprietary and market-standard DBMS packages at various experience levels, relational database development and maintenance, database integration in Windows and UNIX environments, incl. some XML.


o      computer networking:

Wireless (WiFi) installation and security, basic LAN, WAN & Dial-In, and File Transfer & IP.


o      telecommunications:

AT&T/Lucent Technologies 5ESS® Telephone Switch, 5ODA Office Dependent Database generation tools, routing & subscriber translations.




FRANCIS TUTTLE TECHNOLOGY CENTER, Oklahoma City, OK (part-time assignments)


·          November 2004-present: Substitute Instructor, Information Technology

Programs include Database Administrator, Internet Technologies, and Interactive Media.


·          August 2003-present: Health Resources Center Assistant, Health Science Center

Computer technical assistance & support, librarian functions, testing center service and monitor. Initiated and implemented various process improvements.


·          August-December 2002: Microsoft Exchange Server implementation contractor

April-June 2002: Microsoft SQL Server implementation contractor

Plan, install and deploy the SQL Server 2000 database and Exchange Server 2000 communication packages in a remote computer cluster to support Francis Tuttle’s new eLearning web site for the NETg curriculum, in an environment based on Microsoft Digital Dashboard, Sharepoint Portal Server and Content Management Server. Perform knowledge transfer to enable employees to administer servers.





·          1998 - 2000: Configurator Systems Application Engineer (expatriate)

Lucent Technologies – Bell Labs, Naperville, IL (remote from Oklahoma City, OK)

Process and application analyst in Bell Labs’ Switch Configurator Systems Engineering group (R&D). Charged with the research, development, and documentation. Review of high-level and low-level requirements, and tool architecture for the product configurator applications. Manufacturing and database specialist. Accent on integration of international and US domestic markets. Initiated and created the prototype for a consolidated global documentation and application portal.


·          1993 - 1997: Global Industrial Engineer (expatriate)

Lucent Technologies (formerly AT&T Network Systems), Oklahoma City, OK

As team member of Global Engineering & Manufacturing set-up new manufacturing facilities and support of existing factories, ranging from fully owned locations and joint ventures to subcontractors. Meeting financial, technical, political and company requirements, local customers, partners and governments. Customize processes and applications to fit the local environment, while ensuring global supply chain and application integration.

Driver behind intranet portal development for global manufacturing documentation and information sharing, and for process and system integration. In 1995, created first corporate directory based, automated scalable portal, using optional template type branding. Designed and deployed an early Oracle-to-web interface, which I was asked to present at a seminar, New Jersey 1996.


·          1991 - 1992: (Team Coordinator for) Database Software Consultants

AT&T Network Systems Netherlands, The Hague / Huizen, The Netherlands

5ODA Office Dependent Database application management for internal and external customers. Coordination of international software deliveries, defining functional software requirements. Writing and troubleshooting software utilities (mainly UNIX). Supervision of a small group of database software consultants, specializing in different parts of the deliverables. Initiated and project managed two successful Quality Improvement Projects, saving considerable time and money, eventually eliminating the group. Frequently delegate manager for entire Database Production & Services department.


·          1989 - 1991: Database Specialist Factory System Test

AT&T & Philips Telecommunications / APT, The Hague, The Netherlands

Management and support of system for Office Dependent Database (ODD) generation in a factory system test environment. Activities ranged from database content matters (including project engineering) to database application (re)design and management.


·          1986 - 1988: Project Planner/Manager Factory System Test

AT&T & Philips Telecommunications, The Hague, The Netherlands

Preparation and introduction of new hardware, software and test methodologies in a system test environment for 5ESS® telephone switches, participation in the labs-to-factory coordination of changes to the 5ESS software load, the ODD database generation tools, and the equipment configurator.





·          Bachelor of ScienceTraffic Engineering
Polytechnic College Leeuwarden, The Netherlands - graduated September 1985.


·          Corporate training, including: International Business Practices / Business Administration / Banking On Innovation / Manufacturing Process Flow / Quality Awareness / Relational Database Management Systems / Java Programming Language / UNIX and C / 5ESS® System Specialist / Cross-Cultural Effectiveness / various people/soft-skills training programs


·          Oracle 9i Certified Associate - Oracle 8i/9i Certified Professional Program
Francis Tuttle Technology Center
, Oklahoma City – part-time 2001-2003 - certified May 2003


·          Microsoft MCAD/MCSD study - Internet Technologies program (.NET with C# application solutions)

Francis Tuttle Technology Center, Oklahoma City – part-time September 2003-present







·          Oklahoma City .NET Developers Group, active member 2003-present


·          Oklahoma City Oracle Users Group, active member 2001-present


·          The Recording Academy (NARAS/Grammy), Associate Member 1999-present


·          Oklahoma Blues Society:

o         President 1999/2000, Board Member 1996-2001, active member 1993-2002

o         Designed original, innovative website and served as webmaster 1995-2001

o         Coordinated several successful festivals, concerts and charitable benefits