Robert S. Kalkman



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Edmond, OK 73003

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Future oriented Industrial & Process Engineer with a background in Global Telecommunication Equipment provisioning and Internet applications, pursuing a career in System Integration management.





As a globally experienced industrial process engineer, specializing in system integration, I participated in the start-up of four international manufacturing plants from site analysis through full operation. Achieved efficiency improvements through workflow process management. Created various web-based documentation and database-interface applications that are used worldwide.





·          manufacturing engineering:

14 years experience.

·          project management:

14 years experience.

·          database management:

12 years experience.

·          people skills:

Team builder & coaching skills.

·          networking skills:

Global and cross-organization networking and knowledge sharing.

·          communication skills:

Oral and written in English, Dutch and German.

·          analytical skills:

Ability to find and solve root causes of problems effectively.


·         information technology skills:



o      Internet / Intranet:

Web site development & application integration, including

HTML coding (incl. frames, tables, form, image maps), automation,

CGI programming, MS Frontpage, Netscape, Internet Explorer,
graphics (Adobe, Microsoft, etc.), compatibility & user-focus,

remote collaboration (Netmeeting, etc.), streaming multimedia,

basic JavaScript & Virtual Reality.


o      UNIX:

UNIX systems & applications at enhanced level, including writing advanced Shell automation, AT&T UNIX & SunOS/Solaris, Oracle,

SQL, relational database (RDBMS) development & maintenance.


o      PC / Windows:

Windows systems & applications at enhanced user level, including

Win95, 98 and WinNT, Win2000, WinXP OS, set-up, maintenance,

Microsoft Office Professional (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access), Microsoft SQL Server 2000, Microsoft Exchange Server 2000,

Paradox DBMS & QuattroPro Spreadsheet integration, Oracle 8i/9i,
and basic Publisher, Exchange, Outlook & Visual Basic 6.


o      computer networking:

Basic LAN, WAN & Dial-In networking, and File Transfer & IP.




Francis Tuttle Technology Center, Oklahoma City, OK

August-December 2002: Microsoft Exchange Server implementation contractor,

April-June 2002: Microsoft SQL Server implementation contractor

Plan, install and deploy the SQL Server 2000 database and Exchange Server 2000 communication packages in a remote computer cluster to support Francis Tuttle’s new eLearning website for the NETg curriculum, in an environment based on Microsoft Digital Dashboard, Sharepoint Portal Server and Content Management Server. Perform knowledge transfer to enable employees to administer servers.

Keywords: SQL Server, DBMS, eLearning, Digital Dashboard, Email, Calendaring, IM, Portal





AT&T Network Systems / Lucent Technologies: 1986 – 2000:


Lucent Technologies - Bell Labs, Naperville, IL (remote from Oklahoma City, OK)

1/1998 – 3/2000: Configurator Systems Application Engineer



·         Member of the Bell Labs Switch Configuration Systems Engineering group (R&D) for the 5ESS®-2000 and 7R/E product lines, chartered with the development, documentation and review of high-level requirements and tool architecture for the Application Configurator. Personal focus is on the Manufacturing and ODA interfaces and the International markets.



·         Wrote document about the Office Dependent Database handling in the new configurator architecture. Many of the proposed improvements are under deployment or implemented.

·         Compared the various ordering and detailed engineering processes, used around the world (DOPSMOD/VIRGOS/Toolbox, ISPOT/PRIDE, TENIC/Samson, etc.) and provided advise for (r)evolutionary improvements to normalize the processes and tools.

·         Driver behind configurator development vision, moving forward in the configurator Roadmap activities.

·         Behind-the-scenes coordinator of data-driven approach by bringing several independent initiatives (e.g. EPOCH, Windchill PDM, etc.) together. Related are the Global Supply Chain and Contract Manufacturing activities.

·         Leader of the Embedded Base Capture & Maintenance project. The team consists of a multi-organizational group of Subject Matter Experts and the is linked to Lucent's Breakthrough efforts, which includes 3D representations and e-Business.

·         Created a prototype for Configurator Documentation on the web, based on integration of established and newer systems. The visualization and integration improves project engineering, manufacturing and installation intervals and efficiency and meets the customer demands. The accompanying presentation got business group wide attention and spun off some direct process improvement in Europe and USA regions.

·         Participate, present and collaborate in meetings and conferences, including Global Manufacturing Engineering Circles, Data Project Management Teams, New Product Introduction and Project Engineering Meetings. Driving force behind integration of international engineering teams in the SPOC (Single Point Of Contact) engineering community.

·         GROWS Innovation Master - change agent in a corporate wide network of open-minded colleagues, transferring established environments towards future proof solutions.



·         Presenting for Effect / Manufacturing Process Flow / Global Business Fundamentals / Cross-Cultural Effectiveness / The Attitude Virus / Managing Conflict / Banking On Innovation



Lucent Technologies (formerly AT&T Network Systems), Oklahoma City, OK, USA

1/1993 - 12/1997: Global Industrial Engineer



·         Engineer in the Global Engineering & Manufacturing Support (GEMS) department, responsible for set-up of new manufacturing locations and support of existing ones around the world, ranging from fully Lucent owned locations and Joint Ventures to Sub-Contractors. Meeting financial, technical, political and other requirements of Lucent Technologies, the local customers, partners and governments.


accomplishments manufacturing engineering:

·         Providing recommendations for business cases on processes, (capitalized) equipment, floor plans, documentation, training and localization. GEMS Project Manager for start-up operation at AEC Saudi-Arabia.

·         Team specialist for the Factory System Test, Circuit Pack Qualification, Project Engineering tools and Office Database (for factory and field), Assistance Request operations for start-up locations in China, Brazil, India, Russia, etc. and existing ones around the world.

·         Responsible for support to all new and existing manufacturing operations. Primary contact for support of factories in The Netherlands, Poland, Saudi Arabia and South Korea.

·         Restart and on-site support of the Goldstar Joint Venture (GSIC) manufacturing operation in Gumi, South Korea (1993), and the Sharp/STC Joint Venture factory in Manaus, Brazil (1994). Similar activities in Cibitung, Indonesia (1997).

·         Participate, present and collaborate in meetings and conferences, including Engineering Circles, Data Project Management Teams, New Product Introduction and Project Engineering Meetings.


accomplishments information technology:

·         Early adopter of Internet/Intranet technology for global company information software distribution. Creation of the website for the GEMS organization, leading role in the Oklahoma City Works website, CGI programming, etc.

·         Company wide promoter and idea generator for the platform independent web technology. Internet development resource for many organizations, focussing on collaboration, compatibility, efficiency and low maintenance by a data driven approach.

·         Created web-applications, including:

§         a Backward Compatible Web Interface for legacy systems like Oracle databases running under Unix, allowing for a phased cut-over to newer systems (presented at Lucent's WebWeek '96, New Brunswick, NJ),

§         a cross-referenced interface for different Assistance Request Databases, used around the world for faster troubleshooting and problem tracking, and

§         an automated low maintenance, high content department index, including functional home pages.

·         Implemented electronic collaboration tools worldwide, including video conferencing, audio and application sharing, resulting in increased global teamwork and reduced rework.



·         International Business Practices / Web Administration & HTML Authoring / Telecommunications in the 1990's / Java Programming Language




AT&T Network Systems Netherlands, Huizen, The Netherlands

3/1992 - 12/1992: Team Coordinator for Database Software Consultants



·         Supervision of a small group of database software consultants, each specializing in a different part of the product lines.



·         Defined and successfully executed the Quality Improvement Process to reduce redundancy and rework between groups in the USA and The Netherlands to zero, which eventually led to the elimination of the Consultants Group.

·         Interfacing (5ODA tools and feedback channels) between the Pride equipment configurator output and ODD database input.

·         Set-up of a process to prevent errors in the Database section Project Engineering tools (Pride) at the source, which eventually lead to a problem reduction of about 80%, benefiting both the manufacturing and field operations of the company.

·         Participated in definition for the manufacturing facility in Bydgoszcs, Poland.

·         Participation in and coordination of global communication and conferences about ODD database production and 5ESS Switch manufacturing.


·         Acted as Delegate Manager for the whole Database Production & Services department, which included Database Software Consultants, Telecommunication Office Database Translations & Engineering (including Switching Office Retrofits) and Database Production & Shipping.

·         Proved leadership capabilities in day-to-day operation and emergency activities, ranging from handling New Product Introduction and customer problems to budgeting.



·         Business Administration (AT&T, February - June 1992)




AT&T Network Systems Netherlands, The Hague / Huizen, The Netherlands

3/1991 - 2/1992: Database Software Consultant



·         Database application management for internal and external customers. Main aspects of this task were coordinating (international) software deliveries, defining functional requirements for software suppliers, writing utilities software (mainly UNIX (Korn)Shell) and troubleshooting.



·         Co-defined and successfully executed a Quality Improvement Process for the Factory System Test to eliminate duplication of work, delays and loss of quality and reliability.

·         Interfacing (5ODA DBMS tools and feedback channels) between the equipment configurator output and Office Dependent Database input.

·         Participated in definition and training of the Office Database Production facility in Cibitung, Indonesia as well as the factory.

·         Participation in and coordination of global communication and conferences about ODD database production and 5ESS Switch manufacturing.



·         Quality Awareness



AT&T & Philips Telecommunications, The Hague, The Netherlands

1/1989 - 2/1991: Database Specialist Factory System Test



·         Management and support of system for Office Dependent Database generation in a factory test environment. Activities ranged from database content matters (including project engineering) to application management.



·         Participated in definition, set-up and training for manufacturing facility in Tres Cantos, Spain.

·         5ESS® hardware, software load and 5ODA tools/ODD database troubleshooting and formal trouble reporting.

·         Participation in local product Change Committee, involving product identification & coding, equipment configurator, 5ODA/ODD database updates, 5ESS software load, change logistics and phasing.

·         Participation in global communication and conferences about 5ESS Switch manufacturing and ODD database production.



·         Relational Database Management Systems / Working In and With Groups



AT&T & Philips Telecommunications, The Hague, The Netherlands

10/1986 - 12/1988: Project Planner/Manager Factory System Test



·         Preparation and introduction of new hardware, software and test methodologies in a system test environment for 5ESS® telephone switches, participation in the labs-to-factory coordination of changes to the Pride equipment configurator, 5ESS software load and the 5ODA Office Dependent Database generation tools.



·         5ESS® hardware, software load and 5ODA tools/ODD database troubleshooting and formal trouble reporting.

·         Participation in local product Change Committee, involving product identification & coding, equipment configurator, 5ODA/ODD database updates, 5ESS software load, change logistics and phasing.

·         Participation in international communication and conferences about 5ESS Switch manufacturing.



·         UNIX and C / 5ESS® System Specialist - Advanced trouble Analysis / Basic Spanish



TESO Ferry Corporation, Den Hoorn (Texel), The Netherlands

6/1979 - 9/1986: Assistant Traffic Controller

·         Managing traffic streams and facilities around high volume car ferry service.

(partly part-time during education)






9/1985: Bachelor of Science – Traffic Engineering

Polytechnic College Leeuwarden, The Netherlands

·         subjects: Information Technology*, Operations Analysis (i.e. Logistics, etc.), Statistics, Shipping & Transportation, Traffic Control*, Traffic Planning*, Traffic & Transportation Research*, Public Transport, City Planning, Behavioral Science.  (* indicates specialization)

standard courses included Mathematics, Calculus, English, Dutch, German,  Economy, Law, etc.

·         internships:
- City of Zaanstad, City Planning & Traffic department, Zaandam, The Netherlands
- Rijkswaterstaat Friesland, Traffic department, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands


2001-present: Formalizing and enhancing database knowledge by pursuing Oracle certification.
Oracle Academic Initiative @ Francis Tuttle Technology Center, Oklahoma City, OK

·         passed Oracle 8i SQL & PL/SQL OCP exam 1Z0-001.






·         Oklahoma Blues Society: Active member 1993-2002, Board Member from 1996 to 2001, President from late 1999 to 2000. Created and maintained an innovative website for the Oklahoma Blues Society from 1995 to 2001, including a comprehensive event schedule database, used by radio stations, as a source for the international Musi-Cal calendar service, the Southwest Blues magazine, and more. The site also featured an online version of the Back Beat magazine, album reviews, free web pages for regional bands on various internet services, music links and more. Organized or participated in the organization of events, festivals, etc. Coordinated successful benefit events to support local musicians' medical bills, featuring several blues bands, an arts auction. This included publicity through the Internet and conventional media. Radio and television coverage, as a side effect, created continued additional business and exposure for clubs, media and local (and national) artists. Also involved in the organization of other events.


·         Other entertainment industry activities: As a result of the interaction between the musicians and the venues, became an appreciated consultant and promoter for regional and (inter)national acts, booking agents, regional festivals, involvement in the Chicago, Atlanta and Dallas music scene and more.


·         Associate Member of The Recording Academy (NARAS/Grammy). Related activities were guest appearances in radio shows, including in The Netherlands, promoting the Oklahoma blues music, resulting in sales of CDs and performances for artists and studios. Other spin-off activities frequently includes providing consultancy and help in start-up Internet companies.


·         Oklahoma City Oracle Users Group, active member 2001-present