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Information about the places we visited:
(these are external sites, which can change or disappear without notice)

Day 1 - travel through Oklahoma (OK), Kansas (KS) and Nebraska (NE) - Official Oklahoma Tourism Info. Site
Kansas Department of Travel and Tourism
Genuine Nebraska, America's Frontier (Nebraska Travel and Tourism)

Night 1 - Lake McConaughy, Ogallala, NE

Lake McConaughy (Chamber of Commerce)
Lake McConaughy (NGPC Parkland Locator)
Lake McConaughy (Nebraska Game & Park Commission)

Day 2 - Carhenge, Alliance, NE

Official Carhenge Web Site
Another Carhenge Page

Day 2 - Chadron State Park, NE

Chadron State Park (NGPC Parkland Locator)
Chadron State Park Trails

Day 2 - travel through South Dakota (SD) -- South Dakota Travel Information
SD State Parks
1UpTravel Map Zone Maps of South Dakota.South Dakota Maps

Day 2 - Wind Cave National Park, SD

Wind Cave National Park
Wind Cave National Park (National Park Service)
Wind Cave National Park, South Dakota (
GORP - Wind Cave National Park, South Dakota

Day 2 - Custer State Park, SD

Custer State Park Home Page
Custer State Park (private page) -- Custer County (with 360 degree views)

Day 2 - travel through the Black Hills, SD & WY

The Black Hills of South Dakota and Wyoming
GORP - Black Hills National Forest

Day 2 - Mount Rushmore, SD

(see links Day 3)

Night 2 - Rapid City, SD

Lake Park Campground

Day 3 - Rapid City, Black Hills, Keystone, SD

Things to do in Rapid City - Rapid City Attractions -- Parks & Monuments
Stav Kirke ( -- Chapel in the Hills)
Chapel in the Hills (Family Approved Attractions)
The Journey Museum - Rapid City, South Dakota in the Historic Black Hills
Thunderhead Underground Falls (Family Approved Attractions)
Crazy Horse Memorial

Day 3 - Mount Rushmore, SD

Mount Rushmore National Memorial (National Park Service) -- Mount Rushmore Home Page
GORP - Index - Mount Rushmore National Memorial, South Dakota
GORP - Mount Rushmore
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August 18, 2002